Final Planning for Knauf Greenway

Parks and Recreation

Above: City and Knauf Employees who walked the first phase of the “Knauf Greenway” to finalize the layout of the trail. – Source: Addison Times, Anna Tungate –

Thursday afternoon, City and Knauf employees walked the entire first phase of the future “Knauf Greenway” to finalize the exact route of the trail. This trail will begin at the Blue River Trailhead, 702 N Harrison Street, head north crossing the railroad tracks, turn east to go down the hill, and will then extend into heavily wooded areas along the Big Blue River where the trail will follow along the edge of the river. This will provide residents and visitors a unique experience to see and interact with the Big Blue River in a way that wasn’t possible before.

This added section of greenway will help to expand the entire trails network to over 10 miles of interconnected trails and greenways. After completion, over 45% of households within the community will be within walking distance to a trail, further promoting recreation, health, and wellness throughout the community.

Above: Map showing the first phase of the “Knauf Greenway” in relation to some of the other existing trails in the community. – Source: City of Shelbyville –

This new asset to the City’s trails network was made possible by a partnership between the City of Shelbyville, Knauf Insulation, and The Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Knauf Insulation has made a commitment to provide all of the land needed for this first phase of the trail, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has provided over $180,000 in funding to make this project a reality.

Click the map below to download the “Current and Future Trails Map”:

Click here to access an interactive version of this map