2020 Road Projects Begin

2020 Road Projects Begin

The road projects for 2020 will begin this week and continue throughout most of the summer. This year’s projects will include 48 “mill-and-overlay” projects and 2 reconstruction projects, totaling over 9.5 miles of newly paved roadway. This year’s overlay package is the largest in the City’s history, totaling over $1.5 Million in reinvestment into the community’s infrastructure. Along with these road projects, there are over 200 sidewalk ramps that will be replaced and made ADA compliant. This is an on-going effort and partnership with the Livable Communities Coalition to increase accessibility in our community.

The roads were selected using a PASER rating system, which is used statewide to determine the condition of roads. You can see the ratings on the City Engineer page. Other than a few of the smaller sections of roadway, and West St and Doran Dr (which were originally going to be part of the relief sewer project), everything rated below a 3 will be repaved.

You can view a map showing all planned and recently completed road projects here: Map of all Roads Projects

You can also see a full list of overall projects with approximate start dates for this season. This list will be updated daily as the construction schedule adjusts throughout the season: List of Projects With Construction Dates


For any questions or concerns, please contact the City Engineer’s Office: 317-392-5102