The City of Shelbyville strives to be an inclusive community. The City has made efforts to make our public buildings and facility accessible to all and continues to work toward this goal. To further the City’s endeavors of being an inclusive community the Mayor created the Livable Communities Coalition, comprised of City Officials and local advocates, and adopted a Transition plan. Shelbyville Common Council has passed Ordinances which reinforce the City’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

The Livable Communities Coalition

The Mayor established the Livable Communities Coalition in 2015 as a soundboard between local disability and elderly advocates, elderly and disabled citizens, and City Officials. The Coalition meets monthly to discuss issues related to mobility and accessibility.

City of Shelbyville Minutes

Transition Plan

The City adopted an ADA Transition Plan in 2012 after significant work was done evaluating existing facilities.

Shelbyville ADA Transition Plan

Every year, the City of Shelbyville replaces a number of sidewalk ramps throughout the City in accordance with State Law. The City and the Livable Communities Coalition are currently developing neighborhood focus areas. These focus areas will become the sites for sidewalk and ramp improvements to be completed along with the road work, to create longer stretches of accessible area while using City resources efficiently. The first focus area was completed in 2017. The improvements from Jefferson St south of SR 9 have enhanced accessibility along that route.


The City of Shelbyville has a number of ordinances in place concerning diversity and accessibility. These are available on the City Ordinances Page.

35.008 Employment Practices
72.15 Handicapped Parking
97.04 Discrimination In The Sale Or Rental Of Housing
Chapter 100:  Americans with Disabilities Act

Accessibility Grievance Form