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City of Shelbyville Statistical Information

Shelbyville, the county seat of Shelby County, is located on the forks of Little Blue River and Big Blue River near the center of the county. Lattitude and Longitude position: North 39° 31′ and West 85° 46′. It is only 26 miles southeast of Indianapolis, the state capital. Approximately 2,500 local residents commute to that city daily to work. By highway, Shelbyville is 217 miles from Chicago; 83 miles from Cincinnati; 273 miles from Detroit; 268 miles from St. Louis. The bench mark at the front entrance to the Courthouse is 764.09 feet above sea level.

Land Area
In 2017 the incorporated city limits of Shelbyville contained an area of roughly 11.3 square miles. Shelby County, of which Shelbyville is the county seat, is 24 miles long, 17 miles wide and has an area of 407 square miles.

Trade Area
Two state highways, one U.S. highway and one Interstate highway, plus several good county roads, converging on Shelbyville, make this attractive shopping center easily accessible to all parts of the county and draw regular customers form adjoining counties.

Climate Average
Annual precipitation: 40.14 inches
Average temperature: 54.14 degrees
(Based on 56-year temperature and 66-year precipitation record.)

Last killing frost averages about April 23, and the first killing frost averages about October 15.

The population during the 2010 federal census was 19,191 people.
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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Workforce Data:

Population by Occupation

  • "White Collar"
  • "Blue Collar"
  • Services

Educational Attainment

  • No High School Diploma
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • College Educated

Unemployment Rate
(March '18)

  • Shelby County
  • State of Indiana
  • United States of America
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