2018 Comprehensive Plan Update

Public Input Summary

The public input process of the plan primarily consisted of three forms of feedback; (1) the community survey that was taken by nearly 1,500 residents of the community, (2) the first public workshop on May 4th at the First Friday event, and (3) the stakeholder meetings to discuss more technical information with specific stakeholder groups (ie. Utility Companies, Public Safety Groups, Local Non-profits, Schools, etc.).

As this information is summarized it will be posted on this page for public review. Below are the completed summaries at this point:

Community Survey: Summary

Public Workshop: Summary

Stakeholder Meetings: Summary

Public Workshop

We held our first public meeting during the “First Friday” events in Downtown Shelbyville on May 4th. All members of the public were encouraged to find our booth and talk with us about the future of the Shelbyville community, and we had an amazing turnout. Throughout the evening the City’s team were able to speak with well over 100 individuals on their vision for Shelbyville in the coming decades.

A brief summary of the comments and responses heard at this public meeting have been synthesized down to a short summary for public review.

Community Survey

This comprehensive planning process will only be successful if it truly represents the vision of the members of the community, and the first step in this process is a community-wide survey. The input we receive from this survey will begin to develop the goals and action steps that will form the final comprehensive plan.

The survey was made available from the beginning of March until almost the end of April, and in that time-frame there were over 1,500 individual responses.

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