Common Council

The City Council is the legislative branch of city government.  They are responsible for passing the City’s budget, passing laws or ordinances and the spending of money that the City collects in taxes and other forms of revenue.

Council members are elected to a 4-year term, which expires on December 31, 2019.  They are elected from the 5 wards of the City of Shelbyville plus 2 at-large members who represent all 5 wards.

Committees & Liasons

City of Shelbyville City Council

Council President
Rob Nolley – 3rd Ward
(317) 392-1735

Council Members
Joanne Bowen – 1st Ward
(317) 398-6624

Nathan Willis – 2nd Ward
(317) 398-6624

Brad Ridgeway – 4th Ward
(317) 398-6624

Jeff Wright – 5th Ward

Brian Asher – At-Large
(317) 421-1578

David Phares – At-Large
(317) 398-4150