Boards & Commissions

Plan Commission

The Shelbyville Plan Commission is an Advisory Plan Commission formed under the authority of IC 36-7-4-200 . The roles of the Shelbyville Plan Commission is to maintain the City’s planning documents, regulate development and promote and encourage a well-planned community. The Commission is made of ten appointed members, five appointments by the Mayor, one appointment from the Shelbyville Park Board, one appointment from the Shelbyville Common Council, one appointment by the Shelbyville Board of Public Works and Safety, and the City Engineer

Members of the Shelbyville Plan Commission Include:

1. Terry James – President – Mayor

2. Mike Evans – Vice President – Mayor

3. Joe Lux – Mayor

4. Miguel Ortiz – Mayor

5. Doug Cassidy – Shelbyville Board of Public Works and Safety

6. Wade Lewis – Mayor

7. Joanne Bowen – Shelbyville Common Council

8. Matt House – City Engineer

9. Gary Nolley – Shelbyville Parks Board

10. Barb Lewis – Alternate – Mayor

Plan Commission Rules and Procedures

Board Of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals is a local body whose responsibilities are to hear (1) petitions for development standards variances, (2) petitions for use variances, (3) petitions for special exception uses, and (4) appeals of decisions, orders, and interpretations of the zoning administrator. This board meets the second Tuesday of every month, at 7:00 pm.

Members of the Shelbyville Board of Zoning Appeals Include:

Kris Schwickrath – President

Chris Clark – Vice President

Terry James

James Lisher

Doug Cassidy

Beth Case – Alternate

Board of Zoning Appeals Rules and Procedures

Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review Committee reviews plans for: Site Development, Subdivisions, Planned Unit Developments, and Road and Sewer projects. For PLan Commission petitions, the Technical Review Committee provides technical guidance that assists all of the Plan Commission members make more accurate decisions.

The Technical Review Committee is comprised of representatives from a majority of City departments and all local utility companies.

The City Departments represented on the committee are:

– Planning Staff: Bryant Niehoff & Adam Rude

– City Engineer: Matthew House

– Street Commissioner: Jennifer Jones

– MS4 Director: Derrick Byers

– Fire Inspector: Robbie Stonebraker

– Police: Mark Newman

– Wastewater Plant Supervisor: Bradley Fix

The utility companies represented on the committee are:

Water – Indiana American Water Company

Natural Gas – Vectren

Electric – Duke Energy

Electric – Rush Shelby Energy

Telecommunications – Comcast

Telecommunications – AT&T

Telecommunications – Level 3 Engineering (Fiber Optics)

Building Commission

The Shelbyville Building Commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 11:30 am in the Council Chambers upstairs at City Hall.

The Building Commission consists of seven voting members and two non voting members. The Mayor shall appoint the seven voting members, each to serve a term of four years. The Building Commissioner and a representative shall serve as the nonvoting members of the Commission. The appointed members of the Commission must include the following:

1. One building contractor who is registered with the Building Department.

2. One electrical contractor who is the holder of a Class I license.

3. One plumbing contractor who is licensed with the Building Department.

4. One HVAC contractor who is registered with the Building Department.

5. One member shall be a designer of buildings.

6. One member shall be a citizen representative of the city.

7. One member shall be a representative of a local utility company.

Each appointed member of the Commission must have a recognized interest, knowledge, and experience in the field of fire prevention, fire protection, building safety, or other related matters. No two members of the Commission shall be appointed from the same firm. Of the seven members originally appointed, one shall be appointed for a term of one year, two shall be appointed for a term of two years, two for a term of three years, and two for a term of four years, or until a successor is appointed. The members of the Commission serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.
Powers and Duties: It shall be the duty of the Building Commission to:
Act as the appellate board as described in Ordinance 152.16
Issue building contractor registrations as described in Chapter 152, plumbing registrations as described in Chapter 154, and electrical licenses as described in Chapter 155.

Act as the Hearing Authority for Minimum Housing Requirements in Chapter 153, and Unsafe Buildings in Chapter 158.

Approve the annual budget for the Building Department.

Make recommendations to the City Council for changes in fees and ordinances.

Establish department policies and procedures for inspections, permits, licenses and registrations.

Members: Jim Marshall – Chairman, Gary Keppel – Vice Chairman, Matt Wortman – HVAC Contractor, David Rush – Electrical Contractor, Joe Runnebohm – Plumbing Contractor, Tony Nicholson – Designer of Buildings, Danny Sebastian – Utility Rep., Bryant Niehoff – Building Commissioner, Chris Hext – Building Inspector, Rod Miller – Building Inspector.