Do you need power?

Reconnect Power

If a meter box is present at the property, please contact your utility providers:

Duke Energy

Rush Shelby Energy

If no meter box is present, please follow these steps.

1. Contact an electrician who is licensed by the City of Shelbyville to inspect the property for any electrical hazards.

Here is a list of current registered electricians as of January 2016

2. The electrician will obtain a reconnect permit from the City of Shelbyville’s Building Department. Residential reconnect permits for properties with two units or fewer are $24 per meter. Residential reconnect permits for structures with three of more units are $50 per meter.

3. Once a reconnect permit is obtained, the electrician will schedule an inspection time with a building inspector.

4. The building inspector will perform an reconnect inspection. If the inspection passes, a green tag will be left at the meter box location. If it does not pass, a list of outstanding issues will be left at the site or with the electrician. Once the outstanding issues have been resolved, a $50 re-inspection fee will need to be paid prior to scheduling a another inspection.

5. After a reconnect inspection has been passed, the building inspector will notify the power company of their approval. You should contact the power company for further instructions at this time.