Planning & Building Fees

Permit Fees

Planning Department Fee Schedule

The Shelbyville Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals have adopted a fee schedule used for submitting to either of those boards. This Fee Schedule has been codified by the Shelbyville Common Council and is incorporated in the City’s Code of Ordinances.

Building Department Fee Schedule

The Shelbyville Building Commission formally adopts the fee schedule used for construction projects within the City of Shelbyville.

Building Department Fine Schedule

Fines may be issued for unregistered and unlicensed persons found working on any job. Also, please remember that all licenses and registrations are valid until 12/31 of the issue year. If at any time during the year your insurance and bond expires and we do not receive updated copies to verify renewal of these documents, your license or registration will no longer be valid and any open permits will be suspended. Suspension of permits and or license and registration may be mailed to you or a Stop Work Order placed on the job until the items have been resolved.

Certificate of Occupancy

Certificates are issued only for new construction. You will not receive a Certificate on a remodel, however passing a final inspection is required prior to occupancy. After passing a final inspection, Planning and Zoning will perform an inspection for zoning compliance. After all inspections have passed, the Building and Planning Departments will issue a Certificate of Occupancy. At that time, you may occupy the building or structure. Certificates are usually ready 1-2 days after passing  all inspections and can be picked up at City Hall. Failure to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy can result in fines and utilities being removed from the building.