Current Stormwater Projects

MS4 Projects

The Storm Water Utility will attempt to keep this page updated with current, recent, and future storm water management projects.  Many of our projects are determined and prioritized by need.  Many areas of town could use improved drainage.  However, much of our project budget goes to repairing or replacing failing or antiquated infrastructure.

Eagle Brook

During periods of heavy precipitation, it is not uncommon for the residents of Eagle Brook to face over a foot of water while entering their neighborhood.  the last two major events were compounded by cardboard recycling blocking the storm drain inlets.  We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping storm drains cleared.  The neighborhood also received a significant amount of run-off from the properties to the South.  The current storm sewer system did not have the capacity to handle that amount of water and transport it to the Lee Foit Ditch in a timely manner.  The corrugated metal pipes were also starting to corrode and fall apart.

Our plan of attack was to catch as much water coming from neighboring properties before it reaches the Eagle Brook Streets.  We also wanted to add additional inlets to create more opportunity to drain the streets.  We updated and up-sized our main line running through Eagle Brook Circle (the worst drainage area).

Inlets, structures, and pipes were installed in October.  Repaving should occur before the end of October.  The total cost of the project will be approximately $32,000 dollars.

We will monitor the result the of the project through next Spring.  If the work is proven to be in adequate to relieve the flooding in the area, the MS4 department has a couple more ideas to implement.  We held off on these ideas due to cost and disruption to home-owners.

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Thompkins Street Storm Sewer

The last major project the Storm Water Utility plans to complete before winter is the replacement of the failing storm sewer system that runs under Tompkins Street and outfalls into Big Blue River.  The pipe is made up of hand laid clay pieces and dates back to the 1930’s.  Other areas of the pipe are in exceptional condition.  We need to replace approximately 110 foot of the hand laid section with concrete pipe.  The current system is washing away near River Road and is creating a hazardous situation.  The City looked into having this section re-lined.  Since costs were similar and capacity would not be lost with replacement we decided to have the pipe replaced.  We have also received approval from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to improve the outfall area.  Where the pipe discharges into the Big Blue River, scouring (or deformation of the riverbed from the energy of the discharge) is occurring, as is some stream bank erosion.  We plan to extend our outfall farther out and reinforce the bank with large stone.

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As previously mentioned, much of our time and energy goes into ensuring our current storm sewer system works properly.  This includes keeping the lines clear of debris by our MS4 cleaning crew.  Another large part of maintenance is simply fixing what is broke.  We attempt to repair any damaged line or structure as quickly and safely as possible.  Please do not hesitate to call if you ever see a problem that needs our attention.