Friday Trash Route

Friday Trash Route

Amos Road (N. of Railroad)                   Alice St.                                           Anderson St.

Brentwood Dr.                                    Broadway (E. of Harrison)                     Center St. (Taylor-Hendricks)

Coffey Lane                                       Columbia Ave.                                    East Lane Dr.

Eastern Ave.                                       Eberhart Dr.                                       Ewick Dr.

Fair Ave.                                            Foxridge Ct.                                        Foxridge Dr.

Fauna Circle                                       Fern Drive                                          Flora Drive

Frances Ave.                                      Franklin St. (E. of Vine)                       Frank St.

Glenn Ave.                                         Harrison (S. of Circle to Taylor E. Side)   Harrison (S.of Colescott to Jefferson E. Side)

Hemlock St.                                       Hendricks Ave. (E. of Harrison)              Howard (Harrison to Jefferson)

Indiana Ave.                                       Jackson St. (E. of Harrison)                    James St.

Jefferson Ave. (N. of Harrison W. Side)    Kermit St.                                          Knightstown Rd.

La Belle Ave.                                        Locust (W. of Harrison to Pike)              Main St.

Mary St.                                             McLane St.                                         Minster Dr.

Morris Ave.                                         Murdock St.                                        Noble (S. of Washington to Taylor)   

Ohio St.                                             Park St.                                              Paul St.

Poe St.                                              Polk St. (E. of Harrison St.)                    Range Road

Shook Dr.                                          Sierra Dr.                                           South St.(E. of Harrison St. to Center)

Spruce St.                                          Stanley  Street                                     E. St. Rd. 44    

Taylor (E. of Harrison St. to Center)       Union St.                                           Walnut St. (S. of Washington)

Washington (S. Side east of Harrison)     Washington (E. of Vine)                      Wellington Blvd.

Willow Drive                                       Worth St.                                           Vine St.

Chestnut St.                                        Foxridge Court                                    Roosevelt Dr.

Balto Dr.                                           Central Park Dr.                                   Saraina Rd.

Olmsted Dr.                                       Westpointe Blvd.                                Ellington Blvd.

Wagner Dr.                                        Belevedere Dr.

Highpointe Blvd.