Thursday Trash Route

Thursday Trash Route

Ash Lane                                 Blanchard St.                                     Bud St.

Center St. (Van to Locust)           Colescott(S. Side of Harrison-S. West)    Doran Ave.

Eighth St.                                  Elm St.(South of Colescott)                  Evans St. (S. West St.-Jefferson)

Fairfield Dr.                              First St. (E. of West St.)                       Fourth St. (E. of West St.)

Foxborough Run                         Gordon St.                                         Grissom Lane

Griton Ct.                                 Harrison  (S. of Colescott-Jefferson Ave. W. Side) Harrison(S. of Jefferson)

Hasecuster Lane                         Haymond St.                                      Hoover (W. of West St.)

Howard St.(Jefferson.-Blanchard) Jefferson Ave. (S. of Harrison )              Jefferson (N. of Harrison E. Side)

Lockerbie Rd.                             Locust (E. of Pike St.)                         McKay (Miller St.-Meridian)

McKenzie St.                              McKinley St.                                       McNay Lane

Meridian (Colescott –Hoover)        Mildred St.                                         Miller St. (South of Evan)

Morrison St.                              Ninth St.                                            Noble St. (S. of Taylor)

 Pike St. (L. of Jefferson Ave.)                Riley Highway(S. of Jefferson)

Second St. (E. of West St.)          Seventh St.                                        Shelby St. (S. of Evans)

Sixth St.                                   South St. (E. of Center St.)                  Tailholt Lane

Taylor St. (E. of Center St.)        Third St. (W. of Harrison to West St.)     Tompkins (S. of Colescott)

Tom Van Arden Dr.                      Valley Ct.                                           Valley Rd.

Van Ave. (Harrison St. to Noble)     Van Ave. (E. of Noble to Blanchard N. Side)    West St.(S.of Colescott to Evans E. Side)

Winterrowd St.                           Chaney St.