Trash Pickup Information

Trash Pickup Information

The City of Shelbyville provides its residents with curbside trash and yard waste pick-up.  The following information about these services is provided for your benefit.

Each household is allowed a maximum of 5 bags of household trash per week.  City Ordinance 92.07 requires that each household provide a trash receptacle with a lid to keep the trash from being ransacked and scattered about.  Only trash that is secured in a trash bag and in a trash can and weighs less than 40 lbs. will be picked up. Loose trash that is not bagged will not be collected.

Each household is provided with a 64 gallon blue RECYCLING bin.  Our recycling program is no additional cost to residents. Recycling is collected each week on residential trash day. This is a co-mingle program ie; plastics (#1-5 and #7), glass, aluminum cans, and paper/cardboard.  Place loose and clean of any food debris in the provided blue container.

The city will also pick up your yard waste on your trash day.  Yard waste is considered to be material that’s a by-product of maintaining a resident’s yard.  For example, we’ll pick up leaves, grass clippings and small twigs and branches.  All yard waste must be in a trash receptacle   that’s clearly marked “yard waste” so that the driver of the truck can clearly see it from the street.  Yard waste must be the only thing in this can.  If there are other items mixed in, it will not be picked up.  Longer branches and twigs can be made easier to pick up if the resident and tie them together in bundles. We will also pick up yard waste in the recyclable paper yard waste bags.  Absolutely no yard waste will be picked up in plastic bags of any type.

Trash and Recycling is collected between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Your trash/recycling pick-up time may vary.  If your trash/recycling is not out when the driver goes by, you will need to set it out the following week or take it to the transfer station located at the County Highway garage on N. Michigan Rd.  It cannot be left out all week. To be sure it is picked up, we ask that all residents have their trash set out at 7:00 a.m. on their trash day.

We try to assist residents with cleanup of brush and limbs, mostly after high winds or storms.  In addition, if a city resident prunes or trims his own trees and piles small amounts of brush (that will not require more than 10-15 minutes to dispose of) neatly between the curb and sidewalk, the city’s chipper truck will dispose of it if he/she calls the Street Department to report their address.  Since the chipper does not go out ever day, it may take 4 or 5 days to pick up.  If a resident hires someone to trim his trees or shrubs, that person must haul away all brush associated with the job.  There is no specific day for chipping.  When you have a pile for the chipper, call the Street Department and we will put it on our list.

During the spring, we have our annual “heavy trash pick-up”.  We will pick up large items such as furniture, appliances, wood, metal, etc. within reason.  Anything with Freon in it, such as refrigerators or air conditioners must be tagged as having had the Freon and the compressor removed.  The city will not pick up tires, concrete or other items that we cannot get rid of. We also do not collect televisions or computers, however, these items can be dropped off at the Street Department at no charge throughout the year.   There has to be a reasonable limit per household for heavy trash clean ups. We collect 6,700 stops a week and in order to provide pickup for everyone, we can only be at each stop for approximately 10 minutes during clean ups. For example-No more than a regular size truck load amount, no more than approximately an 8X6 section not being taller than 4 foot, any more than that is too much. It’s hard for us to say a “size” of a pile or amount that is accepted, so this is a good guideline to go by. If a stop load size is in question, crews will defer to the supervisor, and any amount that is over that will be left and will be the responsibility of the property owner to remove any and all items left. Please check the newspaper, radio or our Facebook page for the dates of the spring clean-up.  The property owner or resident is responsible for the removal of these bulky items at all times other than this ONE week period.  Everything must be neatly piled and separated by material type: we will not sort through a messed up stack of items.