Tuesday Trash Route

Tuesday Trash Route

Amos Road (S. of Railroad)                  Augusta Ct. S. or N.                              Berkeley Dr.

Broadway St. (W. of Harrison)              Carlin Dr.                                           Charlotte Ct.

Charlotte Way                                     Colescott(N. from Miller St. to Montgomery St) Counselor Row (Loper)

Crestmoor Dr.                                     Culbertson Rd.                                  Delegate Dr. (Loper)

Delman Dr.                                         Drake Dr.                                              Dunn Ave.

Eagle Brook Circle & Dr.                      Eastern Ct.                                            Goodrich Ave.

Governor’s Lane (Loper)                       Graham Dr.                                           W. & N. Hampton Blvd.

Harrison(South of circle to Taylor,W. Side) Hendricks St.(W. of Harrison)               Hillcrest Dr.

Hodell St.                                            Howard St. (E. of Blanchard St.)           Jackson St. (W.of Harrison)

Lakeside Ct.                                          Lee Street                                           Locust (W. of Miller St.)

Loper Dr.                                              Lorrain Ct.                                          McKay Rd.(E.of Penninsula)

Miller Ave. (Taylor St. to Colescott)       Miller St.(Washington St. to Taylor St.)      Miller St.(Taylor St. to Colescott  W. Side)

Oak Park Drive                                     Overlook                        Penninsula Dr.                                     Polk St. (W. of Harrison)

Prospect St. (S. of Washington)             Savannah Blvd.                                    Savannah Dr.

Senator Place                                        Shelby St.(N. of Taylor St.)                   South St.(W. of Miller St.)

Southern Trace Blvd.                              Springhill Rd.                                       Taylor St. (W. of Miller St.)

Taylor St.(W. of Miller)                           Tompkins (S. of Washington-Taylor)              Valdosta Ct.

Van Ave. (E.of Noble to Blanchard S. Side)       Van Ave.(E. of Blanchard)                     Washington(S. side W.of Harrison)

Webster St.                                           West St.(S.of Washington St.-Taylor St.)    Western Ct.

Wilton St.                                              Wilmington Blvd.                                   Windsor Dr.                            

Montgomery St.