Sanitary Sewer Installation & Repairs

Sanitary Sewer Installation & Repairs

Sanitary Sewer Installation Requirements


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter applies to all plumbers, contractors, and/or anybody in the business of installing sanitary sewers in the City of Shelbyville.

The sewer laterals will be SDR 35 or better, gasketed pipe of PVC. The minimum size to be used is 6″ in diameter. There must be a 6″ diameter cleanout just outside the building. Changes in direction shall be made only with properly curved pipes and fittings not to exceed 45 degrees. The pipe should be turned up so the lettering is visible and embedded in pea-gravel or sand, under and on sides, and a minimum of 2″ over, if using PVC pipe.

When a repair is needed, 6” is still required unless there is an existing 4” line, which can be replaced with a schedule 40 glued pipe. If at any time a 6” pipe is uncovered, then the entire lateral repair will require replacing with 6” SDR 35 or better gasketed pipe and fittings.

A sewer tap permit must be purchased at the Water Resource Recovery Facility before the line is installed. The fee is based on water meter size plus inspection fee. The permit must be on the job site for inspector’s signature. In addition, any repairs made from the cleanout on laterals (including the cleanout) to the main tap, require you to obtain a $25.00 inspection permit.

The applicant of the sewer tap permit shall notify the office at (317) 392-5131 twenty-four hours in advance of when a building sewer is ready for inspection and connection to the public sewer. No backfill shall be placed until the Superintendent or his representative has inspected the work.


Bradley E. Fix
Shelbyville Water Resource Recovery Facility