2018 Comprehensive Plan Update

Public Meeting For Comprehensive Plan

2018 Comp Plan Update | Planning and Building

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to gather as much input as possible from community members, and now it’s time to reveal the major goals of the Updated Shelbyville Comprehensive Plan!

After launching this process in early 2018, the project team has been working diligently to solicit feedback from community members and stakeholders to better shape this plan. This public outreach process resulted in over 1,000 members of the public providing feedback and over 10 hours of focus group interviews, which our team has used to develop the goals and objectives of this plan. We are now at the point where we are ready to reveal the goals of our Community’s Updated Comprehensive Plan, and we want to invite the entire community to participate this evening. We will be hosting a brief presentation, followed by a session where you will be able to speak one-on-one with members of the project team to provide further feedback and refinement on the goals that form the final Comprehensive Plan document.

Join us on November 1st at The Strand Theatre for our second public meeting on the Comprehensive Plan. We will start with a presentation on the draft followed by an interactive session where you will be able to comment on the goals and provide additional feedback.


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Comprehensive Plan Stakeholder Comments

2018 Comp Plan Update | Planning and Building

In order to collect more technical expertise that would be used in the development of The Comprehensive Plan Update, the project team established stakeholder groups that could provide that specific information. Some of these groups included; Public Safety, Schools, Utility Companies, Philanthropic Groups, and many more. Two days worth of meetings were held so that the project team could meet with as many of these stakeholder groups as possible. The information collected in these meetings will help the project team to better “fine tune” the goals and action steps that will form the updated Comprehensive Plan.

Notes that outline the discussions at the stakeholder meetings can be found on the project website.

Public Survey Results

2018 Comp Plan Update | Planning and Building

The entire project team has been blown away by the level of feedback and engagement throughout the entire Comprehensive Plan Update process. In the short month and a half time period that the public survey was open, nearly 1,500 community residents participated in the survey, and in turn 1,500 individuals contributed to the development of the goals and objectives that will be established in the final Comprehensive Plan Document. A full summary of the community survey results can be found on the project website.

Comprehensive Plan Workshop Results

2018 Comp Plan Update | Planning and Building

The first public meeting for the Shelbyville Comprehensive Plan update was held on May 4th, 2018. This was a ‘Pop‐Up’ style public meeting which was conducted at the May First Friday event. The event was advertised on city social media outlets, radio, and in the newspaper and was organized in a manner to allow for informal interaction with First Friday participants and other passers‐by with city staff and the project team.

The booth was set up between 5:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. during which time an estimated 100 people stopped by to participate in planned feedback exercises and to discuss their thoughts and ideas for the future of Shelbyville with the project team. Participants ranged in age between young children to senior citizens.

In all, approximately 400 individual responses were received across 4 different feedback exercises. A summary of the response trends is included on the project website, with photos of the actual response boards included at the end of the summary for further reference.

Great Turnout at Comprehensive Plan Public Workshop

2018 Comp Plan Update | Planning and Building

The public workshop for the City of Shelbyville’s Comprehensive Plan Update was held on Friday May 4th at the “Race into Summer” First Friday event. There was an amazing turnout at this event with over 100 members of the public interacting with the team working on this project. Feedback received from the workshop, along with the over 1,400 survey responses will help guide the development of both the City and County’s Comprehensive Plans over the coming months. You can follow the progress of the project and stay involved by “liking” the Planning and Building Department’s Facebook Page or by following the Project’s Website. The Community Survey is still open, and we ask that everyone take a few minutes to compete this survey so your input can be incorporated in the Comprehensive Plan.